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    I recently saw a Netflix documentary on Rachel Dolezal. You remember her. For a while, she was a controversial semi-news celebrity and a comic’s goldmine. A woman born of white parents who has tried most of her life to be considered as black until it was discovered that she was white, white white. While “black” […]


    “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Plus ?a change, plus c’est la même chose.

    In the June 27 issue of the “Weekly Standard” Barton Swain reviewed Stephen Hess’ book about the improbable association of President Nixon and Patrick Moynihan during the first two years […]

    Hillary To Propose Universal Hotel Care

    Hillary Clinton gave a shriekingly rousing speech on the campaign trail yesterday announcing a bold legislative plan to provide Universal Hotel Care to every travelling American. The AHCB or the Affordable Hotel Care Bill would guarantee every American an affordable hotel room or suite in any city in the United States, with no co-pay.

    “Our […]

    Why I Love Liberals

    After a few years of disparaging liberals, especially the ones who’ve morphed into leftist progressives (or whatever they’re calling themselves) I started to realize that I’m really in sync with them much more than I realized.

    They are the watchdogs against all that is wrong with America.

    The latest example is Stevenson College in […]

    The Pettiness Of Democrats

    It’s being reported that Senate Democrats will block a resolution to honor Margaret Thatcher.

    If so, I’m asking whether there is a limit to their pettiness. What a churlish, smug, unfeeling bunch they are. They are so bewitched by their cultish agenda that they have no room in their shriveled souls for decency. They have […]


    In a stunning announcement, Pope Benedict has d… […]


    Joe Biden, the man we’re burdened with as vice president just admitted that he and Obama plan to tax the rich for one trillion dollars. We’ve heard their litany for years now.

    Tax the rich The rich should pay their fair share If the rich paid their fair share we could lower our debt If […]


    Please Take Me Home


    Went missing January 6, 2008


    Eighteen by twenty four inches, beige with black impressions. Probably armed, but not violent.


    Last seen in White House January 5, 2008 by George W. Bush.


    Last person in its possession calls himself Barack H. Obama, a Progressivist who […]

    The Official Diaper Of the Obama Administration

    Hide the Stink

    Valerie Jarrett, the Obama Administration’s Dick Cheney3 , has told Obama operatives that PANDERS is the official diaper of the Obama administration and urges all Democrats and Progressives to use them at will. They can be dispensed at town hall meetings, mall openings, meet-and-greets and, of course, on the campaign trail, […]

    What Is Romney Hiding?

    Just askin’

    This is the calling card complaint made by people about Romney when they wonder why he’s only released two years of tax returns. Another way it’s put is “If he has nothing to hide, why won’t he release them?” (An ad of pictures of presidents who have revealed their tax returns indicates […]

    Three Things About Ryan’s Medicare Plan in 100 Words

    There is so much misunderstanding and outright lies about Paul Ryan’s medicare proposals, chief among them being that the GOP wants to get RID of Medicare as we know it. GET RID of it! How can you reason with such blatant ignorance!? So, to start straightening some things out:

    From James Pethokoukis

    Number one: No […]

    Ten Reasons To Vote For Paul Ryan

    Well, when you compare him to the other guy……………………………………..>>>>>>>

    Ryan never asked a crippled man to stand up. He never announced at a public function that an Irish Prime Minister’s mother was dead when she was alive. Ryan knows that FDR never went on television. He never mistook a living Supreme Court justice for a […]