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    After a few years of?disparaging liberals, especially the ones who’ve morphed into leftist progressives (or whatever they’re calling themselves) I started to realize that I’m really in sync with them much more than I realized. ?

    They are the watchdogs against all that is wrong with America.

    The latest example is Stevenson College in California. ?Students and some faculty created a Star Wars sci-fi binge-watching event for fans of this genre. ? The question about what food to serve came up and someone (a definite racist) suggested Mexican food. ?This insidious attack on Hispanics would have gone unnoticed in America’s racist culture were it not for some alert, ever watchful liberals, who unearthed the truth behind this racist food choice.

    This is the reasoning that revealed the truth: ?Sci-fi deals with aliens, aliens mean illegal aliens, illegal aliens mean illegal immigrants which means that Mexican food is a racist attack on Hispanics.

    Thank God someone discovered this racist insult. ?Action was swift by the liberal administration. ?The event was cancelled and the heroic?Dr. Carolyn Golz, a college administrative officer, issued a three paragraph apology (as if three paragraphs is enough, but that’s for another time.) ?Ms. Golz wrote?“As a result of this incident, I will require cultural competence training for Programs staff, in addition to implementing mechanisms for future program planning that will ensure college programs are culturally sensitive and inclusive.”?

    Hurrah and kudos to Dr. Golz for her courageous response and to the alert liberal students who called this abusive event to her attention. ?The name of the student who suggested Mexican Food is being severely disciplined and his identity hasn’t been revealed to prevent attacks (justified, we think) on his person by the powerful tweeting, army of liberal social media.


    ?In a lighter note, noted liberal megastar and cultural educator Ben Affleck has requested??that Harvard professor and documentary filmmaker Henry Louis Gates Jr. censor references to one of his slave-owning ancestors, in Gates PBS documentary “Finding Your Roots.” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Bravo, Ben! ?As a protector of liberal values, he naturally wants any stain on his liberal identity removed because it might reflect poorly on the idea of liberalism itself. ? He wants to protect the leftist, liberal, progressive, ultra-righteous values that will correct America’s sins and flaws.

    This is why I love liberals.

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