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    Can you believe it!??? The Left can’t.? God’s personal pronoun references are capitalized while leftist pronoun references remain lower case.?? It’s trivial, but leftists have never let triviality ride off into the sunset.

    They whine and cry, “Why should this “whatever-he-is character,” whom we don’t even believe exists, get a capital letter when a personal pronoun refers to he or him?” (You notice they don’t even give God the capital letter when they speak about Him.

    It has to shatter the self-esteem leftists have hypnotized themselves into when they weren’t looking, or thinking.? If the Left got caps, it would be a nightmare.? We’d have to write something like “Chuck Schumer’s greatest talent is His hypocrisy,” or “Maxine Waters doesn’t think She’s deranged.”? or “Kathy Griffin must know She’s deranged,” or that “Rachel Maddow’s face looks like She ate a Don lemon when She’s proven wrong,” or “Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is more stupid than She looks. ? “Michael Moore says He’s not fat, fat, the water rat.? (Okay, that’s cruel:? He’s not fat, He’s morbidly but pleasingly obese.

    It makes us think that Teddy Kennedy must have hated it when he read that his stupefying liberal bloviations weren’t preceded by chapter and verse as in Teddy, 14:9: “And verily, I say unto you that Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution…etc.” Sorry, Ted, it’s just lying, deceptive mortal, immoral drivel.

    Ted was especially annoyed he wasn’t referred to with capital letter pronouns because he once played God at Chappaquiddick and came up short.? More accurately, Mary Jo came up short, or rather, didn’t come up at all.?? But Teddy still made out okay, or rather, made it out okay.

    The latest candidate for Personal Pronoun Deification, Barry Hussein Obama,? is still steaming about this dis.? After all, he won the Nobel Prize, which could be described as God-like since it materialized out of nothing.? No notable life achievements.? No notable life.

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